"It'll look bonkers"

A collaboration between illustrator Louis Honca and myself. One of my favourite drawings so far. We didn't have a great plan or idea, we just knew it would look absolutely crazy.


"Seven Days in Vain"

"The Space Doctor"

Designed in black and white to be a sticker for my good friend and passionate screen printer Erik. Colored because color is a good thing.

"The Path"

Endless possibilities and opportunities, countless variations and different ways to live. Eventually they all come back together to the same point. But the power to choose the path to this distant goal is yours.

"The Observer" and "GM Future"

In 2014 and 2015 I experimented with two different styles. One qucik and rough, mostly used in my sketchbook. The other very detailed on larger scale.

"Alles wird Hut"

My second T-Shirt design with an uplifting message hidden in the slime.

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