"Blaulichtspatzen Seelbach"

Sketches and final Logo

for the childrens division of the fire brigade from a village near my home

"Boiler Mannekin"

for the band Boiler from Limburg, Germany

"Len Art's"

For LenArt's film productions

"Yin and Yang" for Ukrainian freerunner Ivan Savchuk

"atLiberty" designed to be printed on a shirt. Now I use it as my personal logo

"OFRP" a fun project of the freerunning scene of Frankfurt


Logo variations for a company specialised in extreme sports clothing

"Parkour Explorer" an app for freerunners to map their training grounds

"Pyrronix" a motorbike racing Youtuber

"Team Hessisch Heaven"

for a paintball club

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