This online infomercial for iQ-UV was my first solo postproduction work at Kontrastfilm. My task was editing of picture and sound as well as the animation and planning of the voiceover.

"Third i"

HSRM Study Project

If we open the third eye, what do we see? What is there, beyond the things we call reality? It is a circle, we are all one big mass of clay. in 2014, when my friend Max and I were students at HSRM-Wiesbaden we sent our minds roaming and attempted to create an answer to these questions. It became a surreal and abstract story. Exactly what you can expect when you ask these questions. This film is 100% handmade with only a few digital tweaks here and there.


HSRM Study Project

The first film project of Maximilian Wagner and myself. We wanted to show the inner struggle of making a hard decision.

We didn't even know that it was a surrealistic film tha we were making.

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