Commissioned painting for a medical student. He asked me to make a cover for his dissertation.

A philosophical approach to the one question that doesn't have an answer:
                                                                                                                                                              why are we?
watercolor and gouache on 360 gsm A3  paper

"Der Babyschredder"

Yeah, I know they kill thousands of them everyday. But these baby-nuggets taste too good with chilly-cheese sauce.

watercolor and marker on 280gsm watercolor paper, A3

A selfportrait after one year of travelling. Most of the symbols actually have a meaning.
watercolor and markers in Paperblanks sketchbook, double page 29x40 cm

"The World on a Tree"

A commission work for a young woman I met travelling Australia. We became friends and she asked me to paint her a worldmap.

watercolor, black and white markers on watercolor paper, roughly A5

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