"I liked the lizard so much! Can you make me another tattoo? I want this here to be covered by some sort of a living house."

Thank you, Drew McCullough for coming back to me to get another tattoo design.

"Can you draw me a crab made of flowers?"

"I had this motorbike accident in Vietnam because of a truck full of pigs. Can you draw me a pig on a motorbike?"

"I want this feather with all sorts of symbols and things that are important to me."

"Can you draw a lizzard?"

"I would love to have a jungle themed tattoo. But it has to involve the mantis on my shin and cover up the ugly face on the back of my leg! And I want an orang utan. And a jaguar! And a sloth! And  a bird of paradise! Can you do this?"

"I've got a monkey on my back and I can't shake it. So I thought I just admit it and get it tattooed."

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