"Biiig Problems"

To see land and water as seperate habitats is simply wrong. We depend on water, on the wellbeing of our oceans. Just like the pollution of the air the pollution of the waters will bring us trouble in the future. All the small pieces of rubbish will be causing costs and problems thousand times their size. If we loose the oceans our civilisations will be nothing more than sandcastles in the rising water of high tide.

"The Babyschredder"

An alien race is feeding on humanity. They process human flesh and other products from our bodies in different Facilities. This here is the so called “Babyschredder”. The couriers drop the younglings into a grading cloud where they are sorted. Most of the males are of no further use but their soft meat and bones are the base of a mass used for most alien food. They get processed in a complex method which includes shredding them but the management of the Facilities guaranties that they have a happy life until then.

This artwork wasn't selected by the client of this project for any auction or exhibition.

"The Cats Gift"

Cats are noble, sometimes strange but loving creatures. If you are a part of their family you'll find birds or mouses at your doorstep or in your bedroom. These are presents from your furry friend, showing how much they love you. Or maybe they simply think you're too skinny and should eat some more.

Limited edition prints were sold to support TACN, an organisation from China that saves all kinds of animals from slaughterhouses and streets. In this particular case the money was used to prepare several cats for being brought into their new homes.

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