First Big Mural Collaboration Project:
Bar Wall, Champs Bowling, Kiel City Center, Germany
Erik and I worked together before, but never on a scale like this. And especially for me it was the first time to put some big art in a place where many people would see it and even watch while we were working.
I wanted the concept to suit the location, so it had to have bowling pins or something similar.
Combining the very different ways Erik and I create art wasn't an easy task at first. Me using brushes and acrylics and Erik working mostly with paste-ups and stickers.
The pictures to the left show different stages of the concept.
The artwork would be close to the bar and a chill-out area, so I had to keep the tables and chairs in mind. Also the ceiling has a level at the middle of the wall.
Well in the end the whole wall looked a bit different than I expected it from the photos. But that was nothing we couldn't handle.
"Bowling Head"
The final artwork
8x3 Meters, Acrylics, Spraypaint and loads of paste-ups
Bowling Mural Project Part 2
Entrance Wall and Decorative Background

"ENTER" final Artwork

Part two of our work at Champs Bowling Center. We came back some weeks later to take care of this nice wall.
Placed directly opposite the entrance this abstract composition leads the visitor further into the Bowling Center. Following the arrows you will end up having a drink at the bar, so don't hesitate.
To the right you can see the extension of the entrance wall artwork. It mostly consists of big Paste-ups and bold brush strokes so the fun machines can be moved around without fully covering any artwork. This wall was solely designed by Erik.
Second Big Mural Project
Blend Festival - Winter Edition, Altes Postlager Mainz, Germany

A view of one of the final artworks, Spoiler Alert!

Blend Festival is a Hip-Hop and Streetart Festival created in 2018 by some nice people from around Frankfurt am Main. Actually the festival takes place in summer, but February 2020 was the first time they decided to make a smaller "half-time" version of the whole thing. Again it was my dear friend Erik who had the connections, since he was part of the Blend-crew from the first festival on.
I made two larger paintings for this festival. The first was this treyeangle-thingy. This one's a fully improvised freehand painting, I only used Molotow Acrylic markers.
I grabbed a good spot for this one. I just knew it had to be in the corner. but I didn't know the effect would be that cool.


Molotow One-4-All Acrylic Markers

Actually I wanted to call it "Peace Dance" but well, I didn't paint the characters, so it's name is only "Peace".
To get the sketch on the wall I had to do some math and build my own big compass using a string and decent amounts of tape.
Even without the Characters the composition radiates harmony and peace.
I like how the colors and the style pop out between all the street-style paste-ups.
The final artwork

Acrylic paint and markers, 2,30x2,30m

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